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Virtual cards

Issue virtual cards to make online payments and manage subscriptions easily and securely. Track spending easily in your web app. There is no one-off or monthly charge.

As a business, there are two types of virtual cards that you can order—a personal virtual card or a company virtual card.
During the ordering process, you have the option to add/select an individual team member as the cardholder (personal virtual card) or select the company as the cardholder (company virtual card).
If you select an individual team member, the admin can manage the card on the web as usual, but only the cardholder/individual will have access to the card's credentials. If you select the company, anyone with admin rights will be able to see the card details in their Revolut account.

For freelancers, there is only one type of virtual card available, as the company and the cardholder are one in the same.

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