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Revolut makes it simple to keep track of your finances

Master your money with smart analytics

Master your money with smart analytics

  • Track how you spend with automatic categorisation
  • We analyse your spending to give you useful predictions that help you plan ahead
Having trouble staying on track?

Having trouble staying on track?

  • Just tell us how much you want to spend each month, and we’ll help you meet your goals by calculating a daily spending limit
  • You can then set limits in your budget to control your spending and help you stay on track
Get pinged to keep from straying

Get pinged to keep from straying

  • Stay on top of your spending with notifications, including how much you’re spending each day
  • We’ll send you a heads up when you’re getting close to your limit

How to easily set budgets with Revolut

Manage your money in one place with Revolut. Get started in minutes.

Download the Revolut app

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Open the Analytics tab

Setup a budget for all payments or just within a specific category

Easily keep track of your finances

Get a better understanding for where your money is going every time you make a payment

Common questions

What is a budget planner?

Revolut's budget planner is a suite of tools designed to help you stay on top of your finances. Just tell us how much you want to spend each month and we'll work out a daily spending limit you should stick to in order to meet your goals.

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Does setting budgets mean capping my spending?

Nope! Revolut won’t cap your spending. Budgeting by Category is just there to help you gain more visibility over your finances.

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Can I create custom budget categories?

Yes! Get granular by creating custom categories and moving related transactions around as you like. To set up a custom category, open a transaction, select the current category, select ‘Add custom’, then customise as you like. We’ll move all past related transactions here, and do the same for future ones.

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