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Will I be charged for transferring money?

Revolut does not charge you for transferring money within your foreign exchange allowance limit. However, if you make a cross-currency transfer which exceeds the foreign exchange allowance you'll be charged 0.5% on that amount. Upgrade to Revolut Premium now to have unlimited foreign exchange allowance.

From our side, there are no fees for transferring money to other Revolut users or non-Revolut accounts in the SEPA region. However, for payments outside the SEPA region, you get one free transaction per month, with all following transactions costing £0.50 each.

Payments via SWIFT cost £3 if the payment is in US dollars, or £5 if it's in another currency.

Upgrade to Revolut Premium now to get unlimited free outbound transfers, and one free SWIFT transfer per month.

The beneficiary bank could also charge a fee to receive your transfer. When your money is in transit, it might be processed by an intermediary bank who might also deduct a handling fee. Therefore, the amount received might be less than the amount you sent.

Please note that intermediary bank fees may be applied even in the event of an unsuccessful transfer.

We can provide an estimate of the potential fees for the following currencies:

  • 35 AUD
  • 20 CAD
  • 50 AED
  • 16-32 EUR (outside of SEPA)
  • 7500 JPY
  • 35 NZD
  • 20-40 USD

These fees are just estimates that may be charged by the intermediary bank or beneficiary bank.

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