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How do auto deposits work?

We'd recommend activating auto deposits if you're travelling.

Go to ‘Add money’ in the app, select your card, and click on the "¡" icon next to it and choose 'Set up auto top-up'.

Next, you’ll need to choose the conditions for adding money automatically, which would trigger a specified amount to be added to your account. You'll need to set up the minimum amount which your balance has to reach in order to trigger the automatic top-up and choose the amount which will be added.

What is important, any changes in the balance (whenever it falls below the established threshold) will trigger the function which also includes transfers (both external and internal) - in other words, anything reducing your balance.

There's a daily auto deposit limit for each currency, but you can always add more money manually in the app.

New Revolut users won’t be able to enable auto-deposits straight away. We’ll complete regular checks of your risk profile, and let you know with an in-app notification when you can use this feature.

To disable the auto top-up, select the card for which the auto top-up is enabled in the 'Add money' section → tap on the ”¡” icon next to it → select the 'Set up auto top-up' one more time to access the auto top-up menu.

There, tap 'Edit' and at the bottom of the screen you'll see an option to delete your current auto top-up settings.

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