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How does Revolut Stays Bonus Cashback works?

Revolut Stays Bonus Cashback is a one-off campaign by which you may receive up to an additional 10% cashback (capped at £200/€200, or your local currency equivalent) only on your first booking on Revolut Stays. Bonus cashback promotion will only be applied to Pay Now bookings. This promotion will be from the 8th of June 2022 to the 15th of July 2022.

Who's eligible for the Bonus cashback on Revolut Stays?

You'll only receive Bonus Cashback on your first ever booking on Revolut Stays as long as your first booking is of type Pay Now. This means that people that've booked on Revolut Stays before, won't be eligible for the Bonus Cashback, even if you only made one booking on Revolut Stays which you cancel afterwards, or you made only a Pay at Property booking.

How much cashback will I receive through Revolut Stays Bonus Cashback?

In addition to the regular cashback that you get on all your Revolut Stays bookings based on your plan, you'll receive an additional 2% to 10% cashback (capped at £200/€200, or your local currency equivalent). The additional % of bonus cashback will be randomised between 2% and 10%. Remember that only the bonus cashback is capped. For example, if you're a metal user and make your first ever Revolut Stays Pay Now booking of 2.500€ and are assigned at random a 9% bonus cashback, you'll receive 250€ on normal cashback and an additional 200€ on bonus cashback for a total of 450€ cashback.

When will I receive my Revolut Stays Bonus Cashback?

You'll receive instantly both the regular cashback applied to all bookings and the bonus cashback in a single transaction.

What happens if I cancel or modify a booking for which I was granted Revolut Stays Bonus Cashback?

In case you cancel or modify a booking for which you've received bonus cashback, the same logic applies as any other cancellation or change for Pay Now bookings. That means we'll recoup all or partial cashback in case the cancellation results in a full or partial refund of the booking price. In addition, you won't be eligible for bonus cashback on subsequent bookings as the promotion only applies to the first ever booking made on Revolut Stays.

You can check the Terms and Conditions for the promotion here.

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