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"I like being able to add a co-parent, so me and my husband could both monitor spending"
"I love being able to set challenges and rewards once completed. My children have never been so helpful or put their clothes away with so little reminding"
"(It's great) that they don't have to ask for money, they check their balance and decide for themselves if they are buying it"
"I could happily send my child off for the day and know that he couldn't overspend or get into trouble that way but if he did need help I could ping money into his account within seconds"

Awesome. How do we get started?

  1. Sign up to Revolut

    Your parent downloads the Revolut app and creates a free account for themselves

  2. 2
    Create an <18 account

    Once their Revolut account is activated, your parent will be able to create an <18 account for you in their app. Or if you already created one in the Revolut <18 app (minimum age applies*), they can approve your request.

  3. 3
    Get that <18 card ready and go!

    In your parent’s app, you can personalise your <18 card (fees may apply), they can order it, and your money journey can begin!

Start your money journey together

Psst! Use the code REV18 to sign up to Revolut <18 and get a cash reward on us once your account is activated.**

*If you’re above the age of data consent in your country, you can create an account for free yourself, and get parent or guardian approval (see more in-app). If you’re below this age, your parent needs to create an account for you from their Revolut app. **Parental approval is required for account creation. Referrals and self-sign up offer available to teens above the age of data consent in UK and IE only. See Referrals T&Cs in your parents’ app for further information.