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What is Pay Later and how does it work?

Pay Later lets you pay for purchases in three monthly instalments for a nominal fee of 1,65% per purchase using your existing Revolut cards in Pay Later mode .

You can use Pay Later to shop anywhere and pay later for anything you want - online or in store! (subject to transaction eligibility)

To activate the feature, go to 'Cards' and tap the Pay Later mode toggle or activate it from the Pay Later mini app. When switched on, Pay Later temporarily connects your Revolut debit cards to your Pay Later spending limit, instead of your regular accounts. All your eligible cards will be marked with a green label ‘Pay Later’.

Pay Later mode can be activated on any active Revolut debit card—physical, virtual, or disposable virtual. Pay Later cannot be activated for credit cards, Revolut Pro cards or cards not ready for use (not yet delivered and activated, frozen, terminated). Pay Later is only active for 15 minutes and automatically switches off after your next card payment.

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