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What consequences for late Pay Later repayment can be expected?

If your scheduled repayment fails:

  • Pay Later functionality in Revolut app will be locked for further purchases. The Pay Later mini app will present you with the balance due to be repaid
  • We'll continue attempts to charge your {main currency} account
  • We'll be continuously notifying you of the missed payment - outstanding or overdue (in Accounts section as well as in the Pay Later section; communications on failed repayment will be issued)
  • You won't be able to make repayments on any not yet due instalments before you cover the missed payments on all of your plans

You have time until the end of the repayment date to make your repayment before we initiate further actions on your Pay Later account, which might include:

  • Our right to offset. We may, at any time and without notice to you offset any liability you owe to us (such as any overdue repayments in respect of one transaction) against any liability we owe to you (such as any refunded amount that we receive in respect of another transaction that would otherwise be owed to you)
  • Late interest will be charged on the overdue principal after the grace period has expired
  • The balance owing may be referred to a debt collection agency. We reserve our right to refer your late payment to our debt collectors in the event of continued failed attempts to debit your card

Chat to us if you're unable to pay, and we can try to help manage your cash flow.

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