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How do I make repayments for Pay Later product?

If you make a purchase using Pay Later, you'll only be charged one third of the purchase value upfront, at the moment of purchase.

The remaining two payments are scheduled to be repaid on the same date of the month as the date of purchase, one and two months after you buy. For purchases made on the 31st of the month, the repayment is expected on the last day of a calendar month.

By default your repayments will be charged automatically from your Revolut account in the main currency. The repayment will not be automatically charged if your account balance in the main currency is insufficient to cover the full amount of a repayment.

We will remind you of upcoming repayments, make sure to have sufficient funds in your EUR account to cover your upcoming payments.

You can also make repayments manually for any amount and at any point in time using the Repay button in the Pay Later mini app as well as from plan details or transaction details screens.

All repayments are expected to be made in the main currency of your account.

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