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Can I repay the Pay Later plan early?

You can make repayments manually at any point in time using the Repay button in the Pay Later mini app as well as from plan details or transaction details screens.

You can choose to pay the amount of a specific upcoming instalment, pay an instalment plan in full, or pay a specific amount towards your Pay Later balance.

If, as a result of your repayment, you cover the whole amount of a particular instalment plan, that plan will be deactivated. By making a manual repayment before the scheduled repayment due date you are releasing your Pay Later spending balance for further purchases in instalments, however an early repayment does not lead to a convenience fee refund.

You won't be able to repay a later instalment of the plan, before you cover the earlier instalments of the same plan first. In case of a partial repayment, your balance will be repaid starting from the earliest due to the latest due instalment.

There are no charges associated with making repayments earlier than the scheduled repayment date.

If a repayment was made earlier than the scheduled date in a particular month, the automated repayment for the same month will be cancelled and the next repayment will be expected the following month on the initially scheduled date.

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