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What are the conditions for the Referral Campaign?

Please note that campaign T&Cs are subject to change. Please check the Terms and Conditions communicated to you as part of the campaign to understand the exact conditions that apply.

Generally, you’ll receive your reward when the person you referred does all the following:

  • Signs-up using a promo campaign link provided by you; 
  • Verifies their identity;
  • Adds money by debit card or a bank transfer.

Please note: internal transfers do not count

  • Orders a physical Revolut card, and
  • Makes three genuine purchases with their virtual or physical card (transfers, gambling, gift cards, etc. are NOT valid). These card payments can be in pending state.

All of these steps must be completed within the campaign period.

Please note: Minimum amounts apply for each of the three card payments – please check the invitation email.

Invite your friends as soon as possible to give them more time to complete the actions required. You can invite up to 5 people!

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