Let's get you set up

Read our simple user guide to start taking payments with your Revolut Reader. It only takes a few minutes!

1. Power up your Reader

Turn your Reader on using the power button. If it doesn’t have enough battery, plug it in to a power source

2. Create a new request on Revolut Business

1. Open the Revolut Business App 2. Tap ‘Merchant’ in the Home section 3. Tap ‘New request’ on your dashboard 4. Select ‘Card Reader’

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3. Connect your phone to Reader

1. Hit ‘Connect a card reader’ 2. Activate the permissions requested within the Business App 3. Select the Reader you'd like to connect to by using the last 3 digits of the serial number on the device 4. Accept the pairing code on both the Reader and your mobile device

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4. Enter details to make a sale and finish

Once connected, enter the amount you want to charge and a description of the item (if you need to). Then press the ‘Charge’ button – and you’re done! Your customer’s ready to pay

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Download our PDF User Guide