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Can I link my external accounts to Revolut Business?

You can now manage external UK and some Irish bank accounts from your Revolut Business web application. This is possible thanks to Open Banking API - the Revolut Business dashboard makes use of information from other providers that are also enrolled in Open Banking.

How can I add an external account?

  • Go to My Apps tab in the Hub
  • Find and select Linked app
  • Click Add new
  • Read and confirm permissions
  • Select the bank or provider you’d like to link
  • Follow the steps provided
  • You’ll be automatically redirected you to the bank or provider’s website to authorise the link
  • Finished. You can now manage this account from your Linked app in Revolut Business

How can I remove an external account?

  • Go to Linked app
  • Select the external account you’d like to unlink from Revolut Business
  • Select Settings for this account
  • Select Remove access for all accounts
  • Finished. You have successfully removed this account from Revolut Business

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