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Ordering a new physical card

You can order a physical Mastercard or Visa card by signing in to your Revolut Business account. Please note that you cannot choose the card issuer and that you'll only be able to order either Mastercard or Visa cards, not both.
Once you sign in, head to the Home menu, Cards tab, select Add new card option, and add the name and email address of the new cardholder.

After you select Add new card you’ll be prompted to choose a member of your team to be the cardholder.You can order a card for yourself or another team member on the account.

The selected cardholder will receive an email with a link to place the order for the new Revolut Business card – to complete personal details and shipping information.

Each Business card is linked to at least one account, which means the money is drawn directly from this account when the card is used. You can select and link one of each of your active currency pockets to the card before or after ordering.

As an admin, you can set up a monthly spending limit for all cards, up to a maximum of 100k GBP or the equivalent in your base currency, that resets on a monthly calendar basis. You can set and adjust this limit during or after the ordering process.

Currently, cards can only be issued to EEA and Switzerland residents.

Also, at this moment, we don't provide physical POS.

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