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How can I receive a cash gift or a gift card?

Gifts can be sent to a Revolut user or to a person who doesn't have a Revolut account. However, non-Revolut users will only be able to claim the gifts if they open a Revolut account. When someone sends you a gift you will be notified in either case.

As for now, gifts can not be sent to a junior account.

If you already have a Revolut account, you will be notified with a push and inbox message. Tap the notification to see the personalized gift cover.

To open the gift voucher, just flip the gift cover and tap "Redeem Gift". You can also see the gift by going to the Gifting section of the Marketplace tab ("My hub" tab from the 8.0 app version), as well as Transactions list of the Home tab.

For gift cards, you will see the details and how to redeem it. You will always get a chance to say thanks for your gift.

If you do not yet have a Revolut account, you will be notified by either an SMS or email depending on what information the sender has put in. The notification will have steps that will guide you to download the app. Once downloaded, you can access the unopened gift from the Gifts section.

What happens if the receiver will not open the Revolut account to claim the cash gift?

If the receiver does not open a Revolut account, the sender can cancel the cash gift, which will automatically credit the funds back to the balance. To cancel the cash gift, simply select it in the Transactions list and hit “Cancel” button.

If a cash gift was not cancelled and was not claimed by the receiver, it will expire in 6 months, so the funds will return to the sender’s balance.

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