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Why didn't you accept my bank statement as an operating address confirmation?

An operating address is the physical address from where your business actually operates on a daily basis. Simply put, if you were a restaurant owner and you used your home address as the registered address, the operating address would be the address of your restaurant. Therefore, in many cases additional verification of operating addresses is required.

There are three situations in which we cannot accept a bank statement as proof -- when your company is registered via a virtual office (such as those companies who offer their address for the formation of your business); and when a registered address suggests that it is a rented mailbox (such as a PO or C/O box). As defined previously, a virtual office address or a PO box address would not be accepted as a valid operating address. That is why we cannot accept a bank statement and we would need you to provide us a physical operating address for your business.

Lastly, when none of the directors or shareholders reside in the operating country, we could only accept utility bill or office rental agreement as proof of operating address.

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