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Payment terms - Pay with Revolut Checkout

1. Why this information is important

Payment Processing Services Agreement states that its Payment Processing Services may be subject to additional terms relating to a specific payment types or methods. This agreement sets out those additional terms and conditions for the “Pay with Revolut Checkout” Payment Method. We call them the “Checkout Terms” (or just the “Terms”).

You cannot use Pay with Revolut Checkout to receive payments unless you first enter into a Payment Processing Services Agreement with Revolut Bank UAB or its respective branch.

These Terms apply to merchants who use Pay with Revolut Checkout to receive payments (“Merchants” or “you”). They do not apply to anyone who uses Pay with Revolut Checkout to make a payment (we call them “Customers”).

2. What is Pay with Revolut Checkout?

Pay with Revolut Checkout is a ‘fast checkout’ service which allows Customers to choose to save the details they use for online checkouts. This allows Customers to checkout with Merchants who use the service faster and more easily.

The details Customers can save are their:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Shipping address and method.
  • Contact details (phone number and email address)
  • The details of the card, bank account or payment method used to make the payment, including the billing address.

(Together, the “Checkout Information”.)

Pay with Revolut Checkout is not a payment method or payment service. The processing of any payment that a Customer makes using the information they save in Pay with Revolut Checkout will be governed by the terms you have agreed with us in relation to acquiring that type of payment.

3. Who is eligible for Pay with Revolut Checkout

Anyone who has entered into a Payment Processing Services Agreement with Revolut Bank UAB or its respective branch is eligible for Pay with Revolut Checkout and can use it as a payment method for payment transactions they acquire.

4. Use of the Checkout Information

When we provide Customers with Pay with Revolut Checkout, you and we will each act as independent controllers of their Checkout Information. However, we will still act as a data processor on your behalf in the circumstances described in the Payment Processing Services Agreement.

If you have integrated Pay with Revolut Checkout on your website in a way that means you provide us with certain of the Checkout Information (such as the Customer’s name and shipping address), you confirm that you are entitled to provide us with this information under data protection law.

We will provide the Checkout Information to you in order for you to process a Customer’s transaction. You must only use the Checkout Information in accordance with your privacy policy and applicable data protection laws.

5. Customer Dispute monitoring thresholds

We will monitor, review and regularly audit Merchants that generate an excessive level of complaints by Customers or other indicators of detriment to Customers in relation to Pay with Revolut Checkout (together, “Customer Disputes”).

If your ratio of Customer Disputes to total transactions is unacceptable to us, we may place you on a monitoring program. If you are placed on a monitoring program, we will provide you with a remediation plan, which you will be required to follow if you wish to continue to receive Checkout Information using Pay with Revolut Checkout.

6. When can we make changes to these Terms?

We can make changes to these Terms for the following reasons:

  • if we think it will make them easier to understand or more helpful to you;
  • to reflect the way our business is run, particularly if the change is needed because of a change in the way any financial system or technology is provided;
  • to reflect legal or regulatory requirements that apply to us;
  • to reflect changes in the cost of running our business; or
  • because we are changing the Pay with Revolut product.

We will generally give you 30 days’ prior notice through the Revolut app or email before we make any changes. In some instances, if the change will be beneficial, we may make the change immediately and let you know afterwards.