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I didn’t receive the correct amount of cash

Sometimes ATMs can have problems dispensing the correct amount of cash, but still end up charging your card.

If the incorrect charge is pending in the Revolut app, then it will be reverted automatically after 8 days, and you don't need to do anything.

If it shows as completed and you would like to submit a chargeback form, please go to your transactions' history, select your ATM transaction you would like to dispute → click on Report an issue→ click on 'I didn't receive the correct amount of cash' or 'I was charged in a different currency than the one I withdraw', depending on your case and submit the form.

You can also chat to us and wait a few moments for one of our agents to help you.

Please bear in mind that the chargeback process is a last resort to recover your money, and it can take some time for Visa or Mastercard to issue their ruling (find out more about the process here).

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