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What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive to my Revolut account?

Step one: determine whether the expected timeframe has already passed.

Different transfer types have different processing times and factors like weekends or extra checks can affect this. You can learn more about transfer time frames in 'When will the bank transfer reach my Revolut account?' FAQ.

Step two: determine whether the correct details were used.

Check if the details on the transfer confirmation* (or payment receipt) match your account details for a particular transfer type in the app (watch for typos). Also check whether the correct transfer type was used, either local or international (cross-border) typically referred to as ‘SWIFT’. If local details were used to process a SWIFT transfer or vice versa, the transfer fails and returns to the sender.

If the details don’t match, then the transfer likely went back to the sender. Check with the sending bank if the transfer has been returned.

Step three: ask the sending bank to locate the transfer

The sending bank is usually best suited to help find a missing transfer. The sending bank can attempt to ‘trace’ (a banking term for ‘locate’) the transfer which can determine where the transfer is located.

Step four: ask us to help locate the transfer

We’re always here to help - you can chat with us to try and locate the missing transfer. Make sure to provide us with the transfer confirmation as a minimum, as we otherwise may have a hard time helping out.

A transfer confirmation (or receipt) can usually be generated in the sender’s online banking system, or by simply asking the bank. A transfer confirmation typically contains:

  • date of transfer,
  • amount,
  • your name and account details,
  • sender's name and account details.

If you’re expecting an international transfer, sent via SWIFT, the sending bank should be able to provide the SWIFT payment instruction, also known as an “MT103” (a banking term for a SWIFT transfer confirmation).

If you are reading this article from your Revolut app, you can tap on ‘Locate inbound transfer’ below, to start a chat with our support team to investigate the issue.

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