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What are subscription cards?

Subscription cards are dedicated cards for recurring payments and online subscriptions – allowing you to stay in control and avoid overspending. All of your subscriptions and their dedicated cards are displayed on the subscriptions dashboard. From here, you have the option to easily pause, resume, or cancel that subscription.

How can I use subscription cards?

  • Subscription cards should be assigned to a specific employee, empowering employees and even outside teams to purchase appropriate SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings independently;
  • Subscription cards are connected to our Expense Management tool, for easy bookkeeping;
  • With subscription cards, you can purchase and manage your subscriptions, all within our platform.

To order a subscription card, please follow these steps in the web app:

  • Click on Subscriptions in the 'Payments' menu, and select the “Add” button to add a new card;
  • Complete the subscription order flow. If the subscription is for someone else >> Go through the normal card invitation flow for an employee;
  • You can then use the subscription card’s credentials to pay or setup for a subscription on the merchant’s site;
  • Now, you’ll be able to manage the subscription (e.g. view transaction history, readjust monthly limit, freeze/terminate subscription) as you wish from the Subscriptions dashboard.

We’re planning on adding more features to these cards in the future. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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