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What is the excess for medical claims?

The excess is £75 for any medical expense claim, which is the amount you are responsible for paying if you make a claim.

Please note that we are no longer offering new pay per day policies and all remaining pay per day policies will be cancelled on 31st January 2022 as per the e-mail you should have received from us on 30th November 2021

If you became a Premium or Metal customer on or after 18th January 2022 you will be covered by Allianz Assistance.

For pre-existing Premium or Metal customers any trips or incidents that occur before 1 April 2022 will be covered by our existing insurance partner, White Horse Insurance dac, under your current Terms and Conditions. Any incidents that occur on or after the date of change, 1 April 2022 will be covered by Allianz Assistance under the new Conditions for Beneficiaries. Please ensure that the new Travel Insurance cover meets your needs - you should arrange alternative cover if it does not.

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