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What was changed during the merger?

Before the merger, several services were provided by Revolut Payments UAB. From the 1 July 2022, they are provided by Revolut Bank UAB. To find out more who provided each service, please check here.

For customers of Revolut France (the French Branch of Revolut Payments UAB), your account has been transferred to the new French Branch of Revolut Bank UAB and is now a deposit account. Your current IBAN remains the same. You can use your deposit account to make payments and hold funds as you normally would.

For those who are also existing customers of Revolut Bank UAB, your existing demand deposit account stays open. But the funds are no longer automatically transferred to this demand deposit account and its balance is transferred to the French branch account.

These changes are reflected in the updated terms and conditions. The Supplement to the Personal Terms of Revolut France that describes how your money has been moved between Revolut Payments UAB and Revolut Bank UAB accounts no longer apply.

The funds in your accounts with Revolut Bank UAB up to EUR 100,000 are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. You can find more information on the deposit insurance here.

There are no changes with your in-app experience, either. All your account details remain the same.

Nothing changes in relation to your personal data. Your data is still stored in the EEA and is protected under GDPR. Please see the privacy policy for our European entity for more information.

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