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I was not supposed to be charged by a specific merchant

If you don't know why you were charged by a particular merchant, follow these steps to check if you could have been charged correctly based on your previous payments:

  1. If you don't recognise the merchant’s name, please open the 'Transactions' list and search it there. This will show if there were any payments made to them in the past and might help you recall the merchant;
  2. If you've made any transactions to this merchant in the past, this means your card details were provided to them, and they might be charging you by mistake. We would advise you to contact the merchant to understand what might be happening;
  3. If you previously linked the card, but you never bought anything (Free Trial, Subscriptions, etc), please contact the merchant to find out if this charge could be a mistake on their end.

I still don't recognise the merchant. What should I do?

If you still don't recognise the payment, and you're concerned that your card has been compromised, please freeze your card immediately the Cards section to prevent further unauthorised payments.

You can also fill out our chargeback form so that the matter can be raised with Visa or MasterCard. You can do it by going to your transactions' history, choosing the relevant payment, tapping 'Report an issue', and submit a chargeback form.

If you've already filed a police report, it might help speed up the process. Please bear in mind that the chargeback process is a last resort to recover your money and it can take some time for Visa or Mastercard to issue their ruling.

If your card was lost or stolen, please report it as lost or stolen in-app or our website.

I have made transactions with this merchant before, but this payment was not made by me

If you've already tried to resolve the issue with the merchant, but they refused to refund what you've been charged, you can raise a chargeback dispute. You can do it this by going to your transactions' history, choosing the relevant payment, and tapping on 'Report an issue'. You'll be able to submit the form from there.

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