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I was charged incorrectly with a merchant I recognise

If you see that the card was used with a physical terminal and you have the card with you, the payment should have been done by you. Try recalling if you made a payment of a similar amount on that day.

For online payments, it's worth checking if somebody from your family or friends could have used your card details. If you've made a payment with an offline POS terminal (such as on a flight or petrol station), it can occasionally take a few days or even weeks for these transactions to appear on your statement meaning that they can be in Pending state for a few days.

A merchant can also send a so-called 'delayed' payment, if for some reason they had trouble processing the transaction for the first time. This could be because they struggled to process the payment in the first place, or because you did not have enough funds at that time. In this case, the original payment may be reverted, and a 'delayed' payment charged instead. It might seem that you are being charged twice, but please double check if the first payment was reverted and now you are being charged because the first transaction was initially reverted.

You can check this once you click on the transaction on your app and see the 'status' of it. If both payments are completed, try to address this issue with the merchant, because it seems like an error on their end.

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