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I am getting charged for a subscription I canceled or I was not aware I was signing up for

There are multiple ways to subscribe to specific merchants. We encourage you to reach out to the merchant in order to understand why they are charging you and verify if:

  • You were offered a free trial which ended and caused a charge.
  • Your subscription is part of a third-party deal, e.g. with your mobile services.
  • There is an existing Prime subscription under your credentials.

Sometimes the merchant name shown in your statement may differ from the actual brand name, and a quick Google search may help dispel any doubts.

If you'd like to cancel a subscription with the merchant, you can do it in-app—simply open the details for a specific payment by tapping on it in the 'Scheduled' tab of the 'Payments' screen, and select 'Cancel'. If you are facing any issues, please chat to us so that our team can help you.

Learn more about cancelling subscriptions in How do I cancel a recurring or scheduled payment.

If you'd like to be refunded for the payments charged, please contact the merchant first and ask for a possibility of a refund. If they're unable to help you, we can to raise a chargeback on your behalf. To do it, go to your transactions' history, choose the relevant payment, tap on 'Report an issue' and submit a chargeback form.

Note: if you terminate the card which was used for the subscription, the merchant can still try to charge it. The best solution is cancelling the subscription with Revolut or directly with the merchant.

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