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  • French IBAN
  • Multi-currency account
  • Physical and virtual cards
  • Expense management tools

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Do business Globally

Send and receive funds around the world in 25+ currencies, and exchange at our interbank rate. It’s quick and secure.

  1. Efficient international payments

    Start saving time and money with fast local and international transfers at great rates.

  2. One account, multiple currencies

    Receive, keep, and exchange funds in 25+ currencies worldwide with transparent fees.

  3. Interbank rate currency exchange

    Simplify your global finances and reduce costs — exchange 25+ currencies straight from your business bank account, 24/7.

Take control of your business expenses

Manage all your spend on a single bank account. Set up cards online for you and your team, and track everything in real time.

  1. Make spend management a breeze

    Organise everything in one place to stay on budget. Use cards, analytics, and expenses to get real financial control in a fraction of the time.

  2. Simplify your financial reporting

    Save time and sanity with automated team expense management that cuts admin. No more lost receipts or manual data entry.

  3. Get cards that meet your needs

    Issue physical debit cards to your team around the world, or create virtual cards instantly.

All you need to run your business in one place

  1. Integrate your favourite software

    Export and sync your transactions and expenses with accounting software, and use other integrations to save time on admin.

  2. Accept payments easily

    Take online and in-person payments using our range of tools with low rates, next-day settlement, and easy tracking.

  3. Save with Rewards you’ll actually use

    Take advantage of carefully selected offers and discounts from leading brands to help you run your business.

Open your Revolut Business bank account online