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Why has my card payment been declined?

The most common reasons for declined payments are:

  • insufficient funds on linked currency account;
  • entering the wrong card details (PIN, expiry date or CVV);
  • disabling certain types of transactions in your card security settings.

To check your settings, head to the Cards tab, click on the relevant card and check the settings you have enabled. If you don’t have access, please speak to your account admin.


  • Monthly spending limit. Please make sure you have not exceeded it your for the card and that you have linked the correct currency account to your card. To find out how to link additional currency pockets and increase the monthly spending limit on your card, please click here.
  • Sometimes, our system flags some online card payments to safeguard you. For you to both unblock your card and be able to process a payment, go to your email and you should have an email notification from us. Just click on the "Yes, it's ok" button and when you try again, you should be able to process the payment.
  • Your card is frozen. Click on the relevant card, open the Settings tab, and turn off the toggle to unblock your card. In the mobile app, just tap on your card, open settings tab and then "unfreeze card".
  • Are you the cardholder for the card you are trying to make the payment with? Only one person can be the cardholder for a single card. If you are asked to approve your payment on the mobile app, you should login to your mobile app using the cardholder details.
  • You might not have activated your card yet.
  • Incorrect billing address.

Any errors with card payments will be shown in your transactions list. If you do not see your recently declined card payment in your transactions list, the payment was rejected by the merchant, please contact the merchant to clarify why they have declined your card. It is a good practice to collect the receipt for declined card payment.

To see if your card is working, you might want to do a physical Chip and PIN transaction using your card with a different vendor.

Make sure to check other proposed solutions for Card issues here.

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