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Activating my card

Once your new company card has arrived, you simply need to activate it. We’ll have sent you an email with a link to ‘Activate your card’. If you have ordered the card for yourself - the card activation link won't be sent.

In the Revolut Business app, you can simply tap the ‘Activate card’ button on the Card screen.

On the web interface, you can also head to the Cards tab in the 'Home' menu, click on the card you want to activate, followed by card settings, and resend the activation link.

If for some reason you mistakenly terminated your card, please contact our Revolut Business Support team which may assist you with the reactivation.

Please note, if you choose to have the card delivered to a European country, you will need to fully activate it by making a Chip & PIN transaction or a PIN payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you’ve chosen a delivery address in the US, Singapore or Japan, the card has to be fully activated by inserting the PAN on your Revolut Business app.

Important: the physical card will only work if cardholder has passed identity verification already.

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