Revolut launches limited edition 24-carat gold plated card

Product & feature · 26 November 2021

*This promotion has now ended*

Revolut, the financial superapp with over 16 million customers worldwide, today announced it is introducing a limited edition 24-carat gold-plated Metal card for customers in the UK, US and EEA.

This striking card will be available for all Revolut customers on all plans in the UK, US and Europe to order in-app from November 26th – in time to turn heads during the holiday season. Like gold, these rare cards are highly sought-after and supplies are limited so those who are interested should act fast. The limited edition 24-carat real gold-plated cards cost £79.99. Shipping costs are included in the price.

Carefully crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel – like Revolut’s Metal cards – the limited edition gold card is then luxuriously plated in real 24-carat gold during the meticulous design process. Customers should handle the card with care to avoid any scratches from keys and sharp edges on the brilliant – but soft – real gold plating. At the same 18g weight as a Revolut Metal card, the card sits comfortably in a wallet.

“The 24-carat gold-plated card is in a class of its own, designed for those looking to add some luxury to their lives” said Alan Chang, Revolut's Chief Revenue Officer. “With everyday user experience in mind, we’re always looking to provide consumers with greater optionality and control to add their own character to their Revolut cards, which they carry with them almost everywhere they go.”

Revolut is no stranger to enabling customers to add their own flair to their payment options with its collection of eye-catching cards. The limited edition 24-carat gold card joins the existing Metal editions in Lavender, Gold, Rose, Silver Space Grey, and Black.

Earlier this month, Revolut launched personalised metal cards, becoming the first player in the industry to enable its Metal and Premium customers to create drawings on their own cards directly in-app. This feature enables Revolut customers on paid plans to personalise cards of different colours and materials depending on their subscription plan.

From personalised cards to the deliciously indulgent 24-carat gold plated cards, Revolut is excited to involve its customers in the creative process and equip them with payment card designs that reflect their lifestyles. The limited edition 24-carat real gold-plated cards can be ordered in-app by Revolut Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal customers in the UK, US and EEA.

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