Revolut Pro Account

This version of the terms applies from 30 November 2023. Please click here to see the previous terms page.

1. Why this information is important

This document sets out the terms and conditions that apply when you use Revolut Pro. We call it the “Pro Terms”.

These Pro Terms apply in addition to our Personal Terms, and any other applicable terms and conditions, when you choose to use Revolut Pro. Our Personal Terms and our Payment Processing Services Agreement (which we call our “Payment Processing Terms”) still apply as well, as many of the services we provide on our Personal and Pro accounts are the same. These Pro Terms just set out the additional things you need to know when using Pro. If there is any inconsistency between the Personal Terms and these Pro Terms, these Pro Terms will apply to your use of Revolut Pro. If you expected something to be covered in these Pro Terms but it is not, try checking the Personal Terms or the Payment Processing Terms instead.

If you use Revolut Pro, these Pro terms will form part of the legal agreement between you (the account holder) and us (Revolut Bank UAB, a company incorporated in the Republic of Lithuania with company number 304580906 and whose registered office and head office is at Konstitucijos ave. 21B, 08130 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania).

2. What is Revolut Pro?

Revolut Pro is a service that allows you to quickly and easily set up an account to manage your business or side-hustle, all from within Revolut Retail app.

Revolut Pro is similar to our “Revolut Business” product. The difference is that Revolut Pro is accessed through your existing Revolut Personal account via Revolut retail app, whereas our Revolut Business product is a separate account that you access through our Revolut Business app and platform (we call this the “Dashboard”).

Your Revolut Pro account is the same type of account as your existing Revolut Personal account. All the descriptions we provide of your account, how our services work, and your and our rights, in our Personal Terms also apply when you use Revolut Pro. These Pro Terms do not set out everything you need to know when you use Revolut Pro - they just explain the additional things you need to know on top of our Personal Terms.

3. Can I open a Revolut Pro account?

You can open a Revolut Pro account if you:

  • have a Revolut Personal account;
  • are a self-employed natural person (not a company);
  • will only use your Revolut Pro account for business purposes; and
  • pass our onboarding checks.

You must continue to do these things after you open your Revolut Pro account too. If you don’t, we might have to close it. Sometimes we may need to run additional checks before we can let you use additional services available for Revolut Pro where you haven’t used them before. This is the case for our payment processing product, and we explain a bit more about these services and what checks we’ll need to do first in the Payment Processing Terms.

A self-employed natural person is a person who is undertaking a business activity in their own right. They are sometimes called a “freelancer” or a “sole trader”. Being a natural person just means you're a real human being, not an incorporated company.

If you are after an easy account to manage your self-employment or side hustle finances alongside your Personal account, then Revolut Pro is probably right for you. If your business grows, or if you need more features, you may need to set up a Revolut Business account instead.

You cannot open or hold a Revolut Pro account if you carry out any sort of business or activity that relates to the following:

  • dating and escort services:
  • pornography;
  • weapons;
  • trading in precious metals, stones or art;
  • running an auction house;
  • cashback services;
  • chemicals and related products;
  • video-game arcades;
  • trading in cryptocurrency;
  • selling second-hand cars;
  • binary options or gambling;
  • debt collection; or
  • trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures, letters of credit or medium-term notes.

We can refuse to let you open or hold a Revolut account if you carry out any other business or activity that we are not comfortable with. We can also apply restrictions to your Pro account, which we'll tell you about before it is opened.

4. How do I sign up for a Revolut Pro account?

To sign up for Revolut Pro, you must have (and continue to have) an existing Revolut Personal account.

Once you do, you can ask to sign up for Revolut Pro in the app. You may need to provide additional information to us, either at the time you ask to open your Pro account or afterwards but in any event before the activation of your Revolut Pro account. We will review your application and decide whether you are suitable for a Revolut Pro account. For example, we may not be able to accept businesses from the market or sector you operate in. Normally, we will make a decision immediately in-app, but sometimes our decision may take longer.

We can reverse our decision, and close your Revolut Pro account, at any time if we consider that you are no longer suitable for a Revolut Pro account.

Remember, Revolut Pro is only available to self-employed natural persons (not companies) and can only be used for business purposes. See section 3 of these Pro Terms for more information.

Otherwise, when you ask to sign up for a Pro account, the parts of our Personal Terms which describe when we may allow you to open an account (or may close it) apply.

5. How do I add and withdraw money from my Revolut Pro account?

Your Revolut Pro account is the same type of account as your existing Revolut Personal account. However, it’s a separate account. It has its own separate balance, its own account number, its own transaction history, and is accessed separately in the app.

You can add money to your Revolut Pro account from your Revolut personal account. You can also top up your Revolut Pro account directly from the external sources we make available in the app.

You can withdraw money from your Revolut Pro account using your Revolut Pro card, by making an outbound payment, or by transferring money to your Revolut Personal account.

As you must only use your Pro account for business spending (and cannot use your Personal account for business spending), we need to keep these balances separate. This means that if you run out of money in your Pro account, any payments you try to make on your Pro account will fail, even if you still have money in your Personal account (and the same in reverse).

Otherwise, when you add or withdraw money from your Pro account, the parts of our Personal Terms which describe our adding and withdrawing services apply.

6. What type of transactions can you use a Revolut Pro account for?

Revolut Pro is for your business or side hustle. It can only be used for business purposes. This means that you cannot use your Revolut Pro account or Pro card for personal transactions (and you can’t use your personal account for business transactions either).

In addition to any restrictions placed on the use of your Revolut account by our Personal Terms, You cannot make any transactions from your Revolut Pro account with the following types of merchants. If you do, the transaction will be declined. (A merchant’s type is determined by their merchant category codes (“MCCs”). These are set by the card schemes, not by us.):

  • Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers (including MCC 5933).
  • Financial products and services, including money remittance and money-like transactions (including MCCs 6012, 6051 and 6538).
  • Dating and escort services (including MCC 7273).
  • Video game and amusement machines and arcades (including MCC 7994).
  • Gambling and lotteries (including MCCs 7995 and 9406).

By opening a Revolut Pro account, you agree that:

  • You will only use your Revolut Pro account for business (and not personal) purposes.
  • If we issue you a Pro card for use on your Revolut Pro account, you will only use that card for business (and not personal) spending.
  • You will also not do any of these things on your personal account if they relate to business activity.

If you do any of these things, we may close your Revolut Pro account.

Otherwise, when you make transactions on your Pro account, the parts of our Personal Terms which describe those services apply.

You can also use your Pro account to access other additional services like our payment processing product which is covered by the Payment Processing Terms. If we accept you can use this product, you will be able to use Revolut to accept payments from people who purchase your goods or services in the course of your business activities.

7. What fees apply to Revolut Pro?

There is no fee to open or hold a Revolut Pro account. So long as you have an existing Personal account which is eligible for Pro, you can open a Pro account for free.

The fees that apply for using your Pro account are the same as the fees that apply for using your Personal account. These fees will depend on what type of Personal account you have. For example, if it costs £/€/1 (or your local currency) to send a payment of a certain type on your Personal account, it will cost the same amount on your Pro account. All transactions on your Pro account will also count towards any limits on your Personal account. For more details, check out the Fees Page that applies to your Personal account. On this Fees Page, you will also find the fees that apply in relation to your use of the payment processing product covered by the Payment Processing Terms.

The only time you will pay a different fee for using your Revolut Pro account is when you order a Pro card. The cost of this card, and any delivery fee, will be shown to you in the app before you agree to order a card. Your Pro card does not count towards the card limit on your Personal plan.

8. How do I earn cashback on Revolut Pro?

You can earn cashback when you spend using your Revolut Pro card.

You will earn cashback on any domestic or international transaction made using your Revolut card, except transactions at excluded merchants or cash like transactions. The exact rate of the cashback offered to you will be shown in the Revolut app. Please turn to the Cashback section, on your Revolut Pro Home screen, to see the up to date cashback rates.

We may vary the cashback rate offered to you at our own discretion at any time. Please note that the cashback rate you see in the app is always the rate you will get.

You will not earn cashback on excluded merchants. The excluded MCCs are:

  • Money transfers (including MCC 4829).
  • Utilities, such as electricity and gas (including MCC 4900).
  • Cash and quasi transactions (including MCCs 6010, 6011 and 6050).
  • Securities (including MCC 6211).
  • Funding transactions (including MCC 6540).
  • Tax payments (including MCC 9311).
  • Government services, including postal services (MCCs 9399 and 9402).

You will not earn cashback on cash like transactions. This means any purchase which is not a genuine purchase of goods or services (for example, card transactions to payment service providers, gambling, gift card or currency exchange service providers, money transfers, financial or investment services, or any similar transactions are not valid).

Remember, you can only use your Revolut Pro account for business purposes. This applies to your Revolut Pro card as well; it must only be used for business spending. If you use your Pro card for personal spending, we may reverse any cashback you have received and close both your Retail and Pro accounts.

We can't give you cashback when doing so would break any law or regulation.

You agree we can reverse any cashback you receive if:

  • the payment that earned the cashback is refunded to you;
  • you earned the cashback fraudulently; or
  • you broke this agreement in order to get the cashback.

If we cannot recover the amount of the cashback from your account, you will still owe us the relevant amount. We may then recover the amount from a stored card or exercise our right of set-off. We may also take legal steps to recover the amount you owe us. If we do, you may have to pay our reasonable costs of doing so.

9. Data protection

You acknowledge that we need to process your personal data in order to provide you with Revolut Pro. In particular, you acknowledge that, by using Revolut Pro, certain of your personal data (including your name, address and contact details) will be displayed to your customers in your invoices and / or payment requests (as applicable). We need to display this information to your customers when they make a payment to you to comply with our obligations to Visa and Mastercard.

Please see our Customer Privacy Notice (accessible here) for more information about how we handle your personal data.

10. Legal bits and pieces

Processing your payments

From time to time we are required to ensure that your activity and information remains compliant and updated. This can happen due to an event or as part of periodic reviews. As part of this, we may be required to pause your account, or a payment made on it, until these reviews are complete. We may need to ask you for information to support our review as well. To reduce any disruption to you, please provide us with any required information promptly.

Closing your account

You can close your Revolut Pro account at any time in the app. Closing your Revolut Pro account will not close your Personal account but it will mean you lose access to any other services related to your Pro account like our payment processing product.

We can also close your Revolut Pro account, but only if you breach these Revolut Pro Terms or our Personal Terms, or we have another lawful reason for doing so. If we do, any funds in your Pro account will be transferred back to your Personal account (unless we are required to hold the funds to complete any reviews) and you will lose access to any other services related to your Pro account like the payment processing product.

We will also close your Revolut Pro account if we have to close your Personal account.

Everything else

Remember, except as expressly modified in these Pro Terms, our Personal Terms apply to your use of Revolut Pro, as do the Payment Processing Terms. This means that all the rights you and we have under our Personal Terms and the Payment Processing Terms also apply to your use of Revolut Pro. For this reason, you should read these Pro Terms, our Personal Terms and the Payment Processing Terms together.