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Revolut 10:
Built for ease

It’s smooth. It’s intuitive. It’s your new favourite way to do all things money.

More than easy on the eyes

Revolut 10 looks good, and is simple to make your own. Enjoy the new view of all your money in one place, account switching in a tap, and so much more.

Make it feel like home

Switch up the vibe of your app with new backgrounds and themes. Customise the homescreen and navigation with your favourite features.Get started
Make it feel like home
Make it feel like home

The easy way to pay

Whether you tap or swipe, grab your phone or your wallet — your money is well spent every time, every place, and every way.

Spend in style

Get the card, and the plan, that suits you. From travel benefits to cashback offers, it’s easier than ever to get more for your money.Fees apply.Pick a plan

Sending money is so easy

Whether it’s next door or the next continent over — sending and receiving money has always been fast and smooth. With Revolut 10, it’s now that much easier.

Trusted by 45+ million people

Armed with our innovative tools and award-winning 24/7 support, we keep more than €13B of their money safe, secure and under control.Check it out