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How do I cancel a recurring or scheduled payment?

Blocking subscription in the app

You can block a recurring payment directly in the app. Simply open the details for a specific payment by tapping on it in the 'Scheduled' tab of the 'Payments' screen, and select 'Cancel'. You can unblock it anytime.

Can't block a subscription from the app?

If you're experiencing issues with blocking a scheduled payment from the app, please chat to us, so that our team can do that for you. We'll try to block it as soon as possible, you should receive an automatic message within a couple of working days with a confirmation.

Unblocking subscription

If you changed your mind, please let us know in the in-app chat.

To change the scheduled payment amount or terms, please contact the merchant directly.

If you do not recognise a card payment, please check 'I don't recognise a card payment' topic.

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