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Why was I charged a fee for my card deposit?

You may be charged a small fee if you add money using any of the below card types:

  1. Card not issued in your home country
  2. Credit card
  3. Commercial card

We always disclose this fee to you before you add any money on the top-up screen, below the amount of your deposit. Please remember your bank may also charge you a fee. If there was no fee displayed on the top up screen and you got charged, please reach out to your bank directly to understand the reason.

If you believe the fee was incorrectly applied by Revolut to your personal top-up card, please follow these steps:

  1. Request a written confirmation from your bank that the card is a private card. The document should include: first six and last four digits of the card, your personal details, name of the issuing bank, card’s billing address and indication it's a personal/non-commercial card.
  2. Once you received confirmation from your bank, please chat to us.

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