Revolut’s Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the team!

As we embark on this partnership, this guide will give you everything you need to know about promoting Revolut's plans and products. Make sure your promotions reflect our values of accuracy, transparency, and trustworthiness. Currently, our generic offering for new customers is 'a 3-month Premium trial'. If you're a new affiliate partner, this is the offer you'll be promoting. If you're a migrated partner, this guide will give you the new tracking links for the landing pages of the plans or products you've been promoting. ❗Please also take time to read our Mandatory Compliance Guidelines (linked below), as you need to follow those guidelines, too.

Onboarding Guide

This guide covers the following:
  1. Introduction: setting the stage for our partnership
  2. Tracking set-up: essential steps to ensure your success is visible and measurable
  3. Success tips: good practises for a great affiliate journey
  4. Media kit: tools to enhance your content, following our guidelines
  5. Copy: maintaining consistency, trust, and a unified voice
  6. FAQs: a few things you may want to know
  7. Our plans and products: dive deep into everything we've got to offer


Your way into all things money

Revolut is used by 35+ million people around the world. Our app helps you control and make the most of every aspect of your finances. Our customers around the world use dozens of our innovative products to make more than 150+ million transactions a month. You can learn more in the last section of this page to read about our products and plans.

Let's kick off

Success tips for our partnership

We need your help recruiting new active customers to grow our customer base. You know your audience best, so here are the key elements to keep in mind for a successful partnership with us.

Get the tracking right

1. Sign up for a Rakuten publisher account if you don't already have one, or log in to access your existing publisher account.
  1. Once you're up and running with Rakuten, search for Revolut and apply to the programme
  2. Don’t forget to complete our Compliance Survey – access won't be granted until complete
2. You'll then be approved and accepted onto the Revolut affiliate programme. Please make sure you accept our affiliate programme's terms and conditions. 3. Navigate to the Revolut publisher Hub, and tap 'Links'. Next, choose the required category or language, and tap 'Get link' for whichever Revolut offer you'd like to promote. Here are the available options:
  1. No offer: landing page promoting the Revolut Standard account
  2. Premium trial: landing page promoting the Revolut Standard account, plus a 3-month Premium trial
4. Test the link to make sure the landing page loads. If your link isn't working, please email Rakuten with the subject 'Unable to auto-generate tracking link' 5. Go live! ❗ Note: The below only applies if you're operating via Rakuten. Contact if you've been explicitly told to not promote Revolut via Rakuten tracking links.

Promotional strategy: get the basics right

How we measure success

We've got 2 key performance indicators that define the success of our affiliate partnerships: 1. New Active Persons (NAPs): you'll earn a commission for every NAPs that you refer to Revolut using your landing page. 2. Profitability: once you start generating NAPs for Revolut, we'll evaluate the profitability of your campaigns based on whether they meet the target payback period.

Media Kit

As part of the affiliate programme's T&Cs you've agreed to, you need to follow the guidelines. If you don't follow our guidelines, you may get penalised, or your commissions may get reversed, or you can be removed from the programme. Make sure you're always aligned with the guidelines.
You should always promote Revolut responsibly. Always make sure your content is clear, transparent, and free from misleading information.

Compliance policy

Our compliance policy lays out your obligations as an affiliate. The policy is binding as per our affiliate programme's T&Cs. Make sure to check and review Revolut's compliance policy to stay updated on any changes or additions.

Review the compliance policy

Promotional guidelines

Check out our detailed promotional guidelines for more restrictions and disclaimers. You'll find the promotional protocols for all our plans, along with a generic list of dos and don'ts. Please be careful, as restrictions and disclaimers may vary between markets.

Review the promotional policy

Visual assets

Tap the link below to access essential assets like logos, banners, and high-resolution images. Please make sure you always use Revolut-provided visual assets to maintain brand consistency. Unauthorised alterations, or custom visuals will violate our affiliate programme's T&Cs unless agreed otherwise.

Visual assets

Tracking links and landing pages

Find the landing pages to promote Revolut. Please note that the links are divided into 2 categories.
✅ If you're an existing partner migrating to Rakuten, you need to replace your current links with Rakuten ones. You can find these links under 'Migration Links'.
✅ If you're new to Revolut's affiliate programme and don't promote Revolut currently, then please use the link under 'New Links'.
❗ Contact if you've been explicitly told to not promote Revolut via Rakuten tracking links. Please don't reach out if you've been told to operate via Rakuten.
Tracking links

Copy Guidelines

Explain our offer to your audience in 3 simple steps

  1. 1
    Free to download

    Revolut is used by 35+ million people worldwide to manage their money, from everyday spending, to saving and even investing.

  2. 2
    Sign up for an accountOpen a Revolut account as a new customer and get a 3-month trial of Revolut Premium. Trial T&Cs apply.
  3. 3
    Claim your Premium trialOnce you complete the sign-up process, you'll automatically get access to your 3-month Premium trial by upgrading your plan.

    Note: Refer your audience to the T&Cs embedded in the landing page you distribute for the conditions of the offer, however include relevant restrictions including geographical restrictions, offer end date, and aforementioned disclaimers on plan fees applying after the trial period.

Any other copy outside the above must respect the Do's and Don'ts below, which are legal requirements.

Non-compliance with the above guidelines may lead to your removal from our programme.

We covered a lot in this section! Got more questions? Please check out the FAQs below


Our plans

Read the section below to learn more about our products.

5 plans, tailored to your needs

Customers can choose between Standard, Plus, Premium, Metal, and Ultra.


Revolut provides over 20 products across 5 categories: Everyday Essentials, Lifestyle, Travel & Shopping, Saving & Investing, and Revolut Pro. These products are available via our different subscription plans.
You can learn more about Revolut's products and plans below. Reach out to your designated affiliate platform to inquire about launching a campaign around a specific product or plan.