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Due to the bank declining the transaction

If your top-up attempts are being declined by the issuing bank of your card, it means they're triggering your bank's security system.

It may happen when the issuing bank:

  • Temporarily suspends your card
  • Doesn't recognise our service and tries to keep your bank account safe
  • Puts restrictions on your card (for example a card limit, which may not be visible in your online banking)

Please allow some time before attempting to top-up again, we also recommend trying to top-up with the lowest available amount for top-up. If this solution doesn't work, please get in touch with your bank (Cards Payment Division) and explain that you authorise transactions to Revolut. After that, they should be able to lift the limitations off your card.

Alternatively, try to add money via Apple/Google Pay, bank transfer or via another bank card.

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