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Paloma Wool expands its runway globally

💼 Industry: fashion | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Spain ✅ 100% of payments taken in customers' local currency ✅ Increased profitability margins with low exchange rates

New customers, new currencies

Paloma Wool — a Spanish fashion brand — aimed to drive sales as they expanded into the US and UK.

But entering new markets posed challenges. To keep a competitive edge, they needed to be able to accept local currencies, online and in-person, without incurring high fees — or worse, charging customers extra to pay in their local currency. Traditional payment tools were inadequate, risking currency mix-ups and exchange rates that made their ready-to-wear looks less ready-to-purchase. Paloma sought an alternative.


Taking sales around the globe

Enter Revolut Business. With us, Paloma Wool were able to accept local currencies at great rates, eliminating extra charges to increase their profitability. Customers could now pay in their local currencies, both digitally and physically.

Revolut Business also simplified global B2B payments for Paloma Wool — they could pay and get paid in 25+ currencies. Meanwhile, managing and exchanging different currencies in one Business account helped Paloma Wool manage an increasingly complex cash flow.


Delivering timeless trends

So what happened next? Paloma Wool’s ability to take payments in local currencies was a good look — it helped them reach more customers around the world.

The brand strengthened their global position by reducing costs with currency exchange at the interbank rate¹ and fast, low-fee international payments. Not to mention, handling multiple currencies in one account allowed for more accurate financial planning. It was a perfect fit.

¹ Within allowance, during market hours.
Pablo Feu, Managing Director • Paloma Wool“Revolut improved our currency exchange rates and allowed us to charge customers in local currencies, improving their buying experience.”

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