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Aer Lingus revamps their checkout with revolut pay

💼 Industry: travel | 📈 Stage: enterprise |📍 Headquarters: Ireland ✅ Cart abandonment rates below 10% when using Revolut Pay
 ✅ Authorisation rates above 98.5% for Revolut Pay checkouts

Enhancing customer experience

Aer Lingus — Ireland’s flag carrier — is a popular pick for travellers across the world. But Aer Lingus knew they could make their checkouts easier for customers. With passenger numbers increasing, the airline aimed to deliver a seamless journey from flight booking to arrival.

After picking their destination, flights, and times, customers land on the final, crucial part of the booking process — payment. To make sure these high-value transactions are processed securely, airlines use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). But this means extra authentication checks that cause some customers to drop off, or abandon their purchase altogether.

Aer Lingus needed to find new, secure ways to reduce friction in the ticket-buying process so customers could travel with ease. Luckily, they didn’t have to look far — enter Revolut Pay.


Cutting checkout to 1 click

Aer Lingus adopted Revolut Pay, an additional payment method that lets customers pay in seconds — all the while keeping payments secure and reducing fraud.

40+ million global Revolut customers — including 50% of the Irish population alone — could now complete their flight transaction in just one click.

Customers just choose Revolut Pay at checkout. Then, they use the Revolut app to authorise the payment securely with a passcode or biometric ID check. Just like that, flights are paid for without sharing card details.

And if a customer's account balance won't cover the payment amount, we'll send them a quick notification and they can use a saved card instead — reducing insufficient fund failures on top of customer drop-off.


Speed and satisfaction, sorted

With Revolut Pay, Aer Lingus can look forward to an average authorisation rate of 98.5% when customers use this payment method, which means more travellers can pay without any problems, and get on their way. These payment journeys also see cart abandonment rates below 10%. That’s more than lucky.

Revolut Pay helps merchants optimise their checkout conversions, costs, and speed. Processing transactions with Revolut Pay costs a fraction of what traditional payment providers charge, and it offers next-day fund settlement.

But the real win was making the customer experience that much smoother. Aer Lingus bookings are now frictionless for millions of Revolut customers around the world. Many of them are frequent travellers, too — and they’ll likely be coming back for more.

Fabien Mollinari, Payments Product Manager • Aer Lingus“Revolut Pay is a fast and secure payment option which improves customer satisfaction. It gives our customers flexibility and offers lower fees than most credit cards."

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