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How can I check which fees were applied for my currency exchange?

You can see all relevant fees in the app. Before making an exchange, you can see fees on the order screen (when typing the amount you want to buy/sell), on the order confirmation screen (when reviewing and confirming the order), or on the transaction details screen (after the order has been made, on the user's transactions list).

If you use the Exchange feature to exchange your money, you will see the fee on the screen before confirming the exchange. Moreover, you can always check your free FX allowance in the app. Simply click your avatar, you will see Limits > Currency Exchange. You will see when your current rolling month limit will reset - Limit refresh date. However, please note that the date does not have the exact hour while the exact timing is also important. If you still see the fee on the reset date, please wait a little longer for the limit to reset. The fee is always calculated in your base currency.

Also, please remember that every card payment and ATM withdrawal, that contains a currency exchange, does count towards the limit.

One more thing, you can see the fee if you click the exchange on your transaction list. If there was a fee charged, it shall be shown on one of the exchange actions: Exchange To (on the target currency pocket side) or Exchange From (on the source currency pocket side). So, if you exchange, for example, GBP to EUR, the fee should be on the target currency side (in EUR).

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