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Sunway reconciles fast using our API

💼 Industry: travel | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍Headquarters: Ireland ✅ 100% of transactions synchronised with Sunway’s accounting system ✅ Countless hours saved in reconciling €10 million in flight transactions

Navigating countless transactions

Sunway — Ireland’s largest Irish-owned travel company — manages customers’ flight expenses, and more, for 70+ destinations and trips globally.

Each year, the company had to reconcile €10+ million in flight transactions. The financial team handled the process manually, which was labour-intensive and prone to errors. They needed a streamlined and scalable solution, or risked avoidable losses from inaccurate records.

A streamlined route with our Business API

Sunway connected their accounting software to Revolut Business in just a few clicks using our Business API. Just like that, their financial data synchronised in real time, updating the status of each transaction automatically. They could easily track and categorise things like flight transactions on Revolut Business, and reconcile them on their own system, guaranteeing accuracy.

Arriving at quick reconciliations

Sunway’s reconciliation process went from cumbersome to seamless using our Business API. The team saved countless hours of manual work, while reducing the risk of errors in financial records, which can be costly. Now they have more time to focus on their customers.
Mark Denton, Account manager • Sunway“Revolut Business has been an absolute game-changer. It’s made it incredibly easy for us to reconcile over €10 million worth of flights in the last year and a half.”

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