Revolut enables crypto purchase directly into MetaMask wallets, with Revolut Ramp

Product & feature · March 6, 2024

  • Revolut continues to expand its crypto portfolio with a new product, Revolut Ramp, aimed at making it seamless for customers to purchase cryptocurrencies.
  • Revolut Ramp is accessible directly within MetaMask’s mobile app, browser extension, or on MetaMask Portfolio.
  • With Revolut Ramp, customers will be able to top up their MetaMask self-custody wallet seamlessly with low fees, using their Revolut account, Visa or Mastercard credit or debit bank card.
  • Revolut Ramp is an out-of-the-box solution ready to integrate with wallet providers; more integrations will be announced soon.

Revolut, the global fintech with more than 40 million customers worldwide, announces its latest crypto offering in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA), Revolut Ramp, in partnership with the world’s leading self-custodial wallet MetaMask, doubling down on its commitment to the world of cryptocurrency.

Adding crypto to a self-custody wallet is now easier. Revolut's experience in processing millions of pounds worth of fiat transactions daily, along with its popular crypto product, makes it the perfect candidate to simplify the process and enter the world of web3.

Revolut Ramp allows customers to on-ramp within seconds and purchase new tokens directly into their MetaMask wallets. Customers can use their fiat currency balance, held in 18 currencies in their Revolut account, or pay with their Visa or Mastercard bank card. Revolut users can skip any verification checks as Revolut can rely on existing verification from the Revolut app. The checkout process takes only a few seconds. If users pay directly from their Revolut account, the fiat transaction will be outside of the scheme card rails and entirely within Revolut's ecosystem. This increases the success rate and allows Revolut to offer competitive prices without being burdened by additional card processing costs.

Revolut Ramp offers an integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) process that non-Revolut customers can complete in just a few minutes. This process uses the same infrastructure that has been used to verify the identities of millions of Revolut users in a seamless and low-friction way. The customer can purchase at competitive fees more than 20 different tokens, including ETH, USDC, USDT, SHIB, 1INCH, and many others, via the app or website.

Mazen Eljundi, Global Business Head of Crypto at Revolut, said: “We are excited to announce our new crypto product Revolut Ramp, a leading on-ramp solution for the web3 ecosystem. Our on-ramp solution ensures high success rates for transactions done within the Revolut ecosystem and low fees for all customers. We are delighted to partner with a leader in the web3 space, MetaMask. We will offer customers the possibility to buy more than 20 tokens with their fiat currency smoothly, securely, and without friction.”

Lorenzo Santos, Senior Product Manager at Consensys, commented:"By teaming up with Revolut, we're making crypto more approachable and less complicated. This partnership is really about giving our users what they want – more control over their crypto, in a straightforward way, using platforms they already know and trust. It also plays a crucial role in fostering broader crypto adoption, opening up the world of crypto to more people."

When a MetaMask user clicks ‘Buy’ in their MetaMask wallet, Revolut will be listed as a top provider, under the Debit or Credit payment methods. Once a user selects Revolut, they will be redirected to Revolut’s payment flow where they can purchase cryptocurrency into their MetaMask wallet with a debit or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or use their balance on the Revolut account.

MetaMask is the launch partner for Revolut Ramp, and more integrations with other leading web3 players will be coming across the year as Revolut works to make buying crypto seamless.

As part of our goal to be the safest place to trade, use and learn about crypto, Revolut regularly communicates with customers that crypto tokens are volatile assets and prices can change quickly. Revolut believes in widening access to crypto and also recognises that it may not be appropriate for everyone, so the company encourages its customers to research the various cryptocurrencies and the risks and opportunities before buying or selling. Customers should review independent sources and learn the differences between tokens as well as considering their personal circumstances when buying or selling crypto. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated and funds are not protected by investor compensation schemes. Tax could be payable on trading gains.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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