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Revolut Premium and Metal—What's in it for me?

Revolut Premium or Metal membership gives Revolut users access to all of the benefits of the basic Revolut app, plus:

  • Free Premium cards (with exclusive designs)
  • Exclusive access to disposable virtual cards
  • 2 free spare cards
  • Free global express delivery
  • Unlimited fee-free multi-currency exchange (at interbank rates)
  • Double the standard surcharge-free ATM allowance for Premium
  • Free medical insurance when you travel overseas
  • Instant access to cryptocurrency
  • Priority support

Revolut Metal also gives its members exclusive access to:

  • Exclusive contactless Metal card
  • Cashback in a (crypto)currency of your choice
  • Four times the standard surcharge-free ATM allowance

Premium users can have both Premium and Standard cards at the same time. Metal users can have Standard, Premium, and Metal cards at the same time.

Just so you're aware, this is a general overview of features, and while we intend to have all features available in all markets, some might be missing wherever you live. But don't worry, we're working on bringing them, and plenty of other amazing features to our Premium and Metal subscriptions soon - so stay tuned! 👌

Please see our terms & conditions for additional detail.

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