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What are the transfer limits?

Most transfers are not subject to any limits from Revolut, although other payment partners may impose their own limits, or conduct compliance checks.

The only exceptions are :

  1. Transfers in British Pounds (GBP) to UK beneficiaries are limited to £250k per transaction, £500k per day, and £1m per week. You cannot make more than 50 transfers in 24 hours, or more than 200 transfers in 7 days.
  2. If you're making a transfer to or from Japan, there is a limit of 1m Japanese Yen (JPY) equivalent per transaction.

If you attempt to make a transfer larger than these amounts, we will ask another payment processor to complete the transfer on our behalf. In these cases, the transfer might take a bit longer to arrive, and 'Revolut Ltd' will appear on the recipient's statement, rather than your name.

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