Open API

Integrate Revolut into your existing business processes and software.

Streamline your business processes

Our Open API allows companies to combine their Revolut Business account with their own software and business processes. You can automate all payment processes, including:

const REVOLUT_API = ''let pay42EurWithRevolut = (request_id, account_id, receiver) =>  fetch(`${REVOLUT_API}/pay`, {    method: 'POST',    headers: {      'Content-Type': 'application/json',      Authorization: `Bearer ${REVOLUT_API_KEY}`,    },    body: JSON.stringify({      request_id,      account_id,      receiver,      amount: 42.24,      currency: 'EUR',      description: 'Invoice payment test',    })  })
  • MaskAdding counterparties
  • Icon MoneyMaking payments
  • Icon Time and moneyCreated with Sketch.Scheduling payments
  • Icon CancelCancelling payments
  • Icon Chart pieGenerating transaction reports

Open API case studies

Delivery company

Our Business API enables companies to make instant, automatic, trigger-based payments. For example, the successful delivery of a food order can trigger an automatic payout to drivers.

Insurance company

Automated payments can also be triggered by customer behaviour. For example, an insurer can pay a weekly “no claims” payout to all of their customers who haven’t made a claim on their insurance policy.

Mass payments & payroll

Payments can be manually or automatically triggered to suppliers directly from inventory management systems.