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When will the money reach my Revolut account?

Just like a regular bank account, your Revolut account balance will be updated once a transfer has reached your account.

In general, all of our transfers are usually very quick. However depending on several factors, like the transfer details and currency chosen, your transfer may take slightly longer to reach your account.

You can use the below timeframes to estimate when a transfer should reach you:

  • GBP local details: this usually takes 1 day but it may take up to 3 working days depending on how the sender bank processed the transfer. Keep in mind some banks do not process transfers during weekends and bank holidays.
  • EUR details: this usually takes a few seconds but can take up to 2 working days if the sending bank does not support instant payments.
  • For all other cases, you will have to use your SWIFT account details for the respective currency account, and the transfer might take up to 5 working days.

If the transfer is still within the timeframe, while it is not possible to speed it up, it will most likely reach you soon.
Remember that the timeframe should be calculated from the moment your bank sends the transfer out to us, not when the transfer request was submitted.

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