Control spend with company cards

Track spending in real-time and easily manage your team expenses

Don’t just take our word for it

“We have saved a significant amount of time and money using Revolut Business cards and its expenses control tool, that allow us to easily track all our team spend.”
Karolina Saviova, Co-Founder & COO of AltoVita

Stay on top of your spending with company cards

Stay in control of your team’s spend

Order physical cards for your team and set individual limits to track the spending in real-time

Spend like a local while abroad

  • You and your team can use your Revolut cards abroad and get the real (interbank) exchange rate in 150 currencies, with no hidden fees
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs abroad with no hidden fees - limits vary by Revolut Business plan

Keep track of your card subscriptions

  • Have a single view of all recurring payments (including direct debits and standing orders), in one place
  • Pause or freeze anytime you want

Get 7x safer than with high street banks

  • Our award-winning anti-fraud system is 7x better than the big banks at stopping card fraud
  • Lost card? Freeze and unfreeze with one click in the app or web dashboard
  • You’re in control – toggle contactless, swipe, online payments or ATM withdrawals

Stand out from the crowd with Revolut metal card

  • Forged from 18g of stainless steel, our metal cards have a striking look and feel, and are sure to make a strong impression
  • Customers on our Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans get one, two and five free metal cards per account, respectively. Freelancers on our Ultimate plan get one card free, and freelancers on our Pro plan have the option to purchase a metal card
  • Want more metal? Purchase additional metal cards for your team for just £49 each, or the equivalent in your local currency

Common questions

When will my card be delivered?

Your new business card should arrive within 9 working days. Express delivery to the UK, United States, or Canada will usually take 2 business days.

Is there a limit to how many physical cards I can have?

As a Revolut Business account admin, you can order two physical cards per team member. Standard delivery is free for the first card for each team member.

Can I link a virtual business Revolut card to Apple Pay / Google Pay?

Yes, you can! For Revolut Business accounts, there are two types of virtual cards you can order - personal virtual cards and subscription virtual cards if you're under a paid plan.

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