A-grade security

We take the safety and security of your business funds and information seriously. We’re authorised and regulated as an E-money institution. We’ve also built tools to ensure that your business is protected

Relax, your money is safe

  • Client funds are stored in a segregated account held with large global banks.
  • We’re authorised and regulated as an E-money institution and must follow requirements that are designed to maintain the integrity of the financial markets
  • All of your card transactions are processed and protected by Mastercard, Maestro, or Visa

Automatic anti-fraud system

  • We're using machine learning algorithms that analyse cardholders’ behaviour to detect any suspicious transactions. If detected, we’ll freeze your card to protect your money
  • Our intelligent system prevents 93 out of 100 fraudulent transactions which results in just 1c per $100 being stolen. That’s 6-8 times more effective than the industry average

Protect your account with 2-factor authentication

  • Strong security, including two-factor authentication on login and critical operations — in line with Payment Service Regulations
  • We use email and SMS verifications to protect your business’ funds and sensitive data
“With Revolut Business, we set up permissions so our accounts team could easily manage spending, have control over payments and ensure our finance is properly controlled at all times.”
Kristian Krogh, Founding Partner

Control the security of your company cards

  • Temporarily freeze missing cards in your app or web dashboard
  • Enable location-based security to reduce fraudulent transactions
  • Disable contactless, online or swipe payments when necessary to ensure your card’s safety
  • Toggle the ability to make cash withdrawals from ATMs for extra security

Contact us 24/7

We’re here 24/7 to answer any questions of concerns you might have about your account

New security features coming soon

Google Authenticator

Use your mobile phone application to get your confirmation code for increased security

Google SSO

The enterprise level way to securely access your account with a single click. Plus centralised management, auditing, and reporting

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