Revolut is coming to Canada

Introducing Revolut - your account for global fee-free spending, free international money transfers and instant payment notifications.

Your whole financial life at your fingertips

Manage your money

Open an account in minutes
Opening an account with us takes just minutes, and because we don’t believe in branches, you can set one up directly from your phone.
Built-in budgeting
We’ll show you exactly where your money is going each month, and even let you set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries.
Stash away your spare change
Round up every card payment to the nearest whole number, and we'll stash your spare change away for you to put towards your goals.
Instant spending notifications
We’ll send you a notification the second you make a payment with your card, even before the receipt has finished printing.
Revolut app screen

Travel with ease

Spend abroad
We don’t believe in financial borders, so it’s only fair that we let you spend abroad in over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above C$8,000 each month. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply
Withdraw money abroad
Although ATM withdrawals cost us money, we give you C$400 a month in international ATM withdrawals for free. Anything over C$400 attracts a small 2% fee to help us cover our costs.
Revolut app screen

Send money easily

Transfer money globally
Transfer money abroad in 30 currencies with the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above C$8,000 each month. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply, it’s only fair.
Send and request money in seconds
Instantly send and request money from your friends at the touch of a button, and attach notes, images and GIFs to make things a little more interesting.
Set up recurring payments
Whether you’re paying rent or splitting the bill, set up a recurring payment in under a minute and send money with only a few taps.
Revolut app screen

Security - the way you want it

Freeze and unfreeze your card
If you lose or misplace your card, freeze it within the app and we’ll have a new one sent out to you. If you find it again, just unfreeze your card from the app.
Control how your card works
Take control over your account and turn off things like contactless, swipe payments, online payments and ATM withdrawals all from within the app.
Location-based security
Turn on location-based security and, if your card is used in a different location from where you are, we’ll automatically block any payments and let you know.
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Join our global community and get access to a better way to manage your money

Capital at risk.

This stock trading platform is facilitated by Revolut Trading. Neither Revolut nor Revolut Trading provides investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek professional independent advice if they are unsure as to the suitability/appropriateness of any investment for their individual circumstances or needs. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive less than your original investment or lose the value of your entire initial investment. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Currency rate fluctuations can adversely impact the overall returns on your original investment. Learn more by reading our full Risk Disclosure and our Trading FAQ.