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Why my online payment was declined?

If your online payment was declined, please make sure that:

  • Online transactions are enabled in your card’s security settings

You can check if e-commerce payments are enabled for a specific card by tapping on it and choosing 'PIN & Security'.

  • If the payment can be made using other Revolut cards 

Some merchants might experience issues accepting Revolut cards. In cases like this, you can try making a payment with a different Revolut card. If those attempts get declined as well, it's likely that the issue is on the merchant's side. You can contact them directly to clarify this.

  • The card's billing address is correct

Some websites can request to enter the billing address of the card. In this case, please enter your profile address exactly the way it's displayed in the app.

If the error with billing address remains, you can reach out to the merchant and provide them with your Card confirmation.

  • You manage to confirm the payment in the app during 3DS verification (if required)

When you make a payment, there can be a message from the merchant, asking to confirm the payment in the app, followed by a push notification from us.

3DS technology is meant to protect against fraud in e-commerce transactions. Revolut has no control over which transactions will require it, since this is defined on the merchant's side. In general, higher-value transactions are more likely to trigger 3DS.

If you're experiencing issues with payment verification, please try opening the app manually after you make the transaction; the confirmation request should be there.

In case the issue remains, please fill out the form below.

  • The transaction amount is less than €250 (or other currency equivalent)

If the transaction amount is higher than €250 (or other currency equivalent) and the merchant didn’t initiate 3DS, it may fall under a category of payments that we are obligated by European payment regulations to decline.

Unfortunately, only the merchant website can trigger 3DS, so it is up to them to fix.

If your transaction matches this criteria, try splitting your cart into smaller payments if possible.

Read more about this regulation here.

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