1. Why this information is important

This document (the “Terms”) sets out the terms and conditions for the RevPoints loyalty programme (“RevPoints”). It also sets out other important things that you need to know.

These Terms, along with our Fees Page and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services, form a legal agreement between:

  • you, the RevPoints user; and
  • us, Revolut Bank, UAB Belgian Branch.

You must follow these Terms whenever you use this service. However, other terms and conditions may also apply when you use RevPoints. Such terms and conditions may be governed by a different Revolut Group entity (for example, if you are using RevPoints in relation to a Stay, the Stays Terms will also apply and it is provided by a different Revolut Group entity). RevPoints is not a payment service and is not regulated, even though the underlying services the loyalty program is offered in relation to may be regulated.

2. What is RevPoints?

RevPoints is a loyalty programme where you can receive, hold and redeem points (also called RevPoints).

We will keep track of the points you earn and display your points balance to you in the app.

RevPoints can only be redeemed under the RevPoints loyalty programme, and are not accepted by any third party.

3. How can I receive and redeem RevPoints?

The RevPoints programme may allow you to receive points in the following ways:

  • completing an action that earns points;
  • exchanging something else for points;
  • transferring in points from another loyalty programme; or
  • any other way we allow you to receive points.

(We call these these, “Points Receiving Activities”.)

The RevPoints programme may also allow you to redeem points in the following ways:

  • redeeming your points for a benefit;
  • exchanging your points for something else;
  • transferring out points to another loyalty program;
  • any other way we allow you to redeem points.

(Together, “Points Redeeming Activities”.)

The specific Points Receiving Activities and Points Redeeming Activities we offer are set out in the app. They may change at any time and can vary between RevPoints users.

Where we change or remove a Points Redeeming Activity, we will try to give you 14 days notice. However, we will not always be able to do so.

Each specific Points Receiving Activity and Points Redeeming Activity has its own terms and instructions, which are set out in the app. Make sure you follow these terms and instructions, otherwise you will not receive or redeem your points.

The number of points earnt or spent on any specific Points Receiving Activity or Points Redeeming Activity varies by activity and may change at any time, but will always be clearly shown to you in the app before you undertake the activity.

We guarantee to always offer at least one Points Receiving Activity and Points Redeeming Activity. However, we do not guarantee to offer an activity in each category of Points Receiving Activity and Points Redeeming Activity stated above, and may not do so at all times.

Points cannot be earned other than through a Points Receiving Activity and cannot be redeemed other than through a Points Redeeming Activity.

Requirement to use RevPoints SpareChange

One Points Receiving Activity we may offer to allow you to earn points by exchanging something else for points is RevPoints SpareChange. This is a feature where you can choose to round-up any card transaction to the nearest whole number and exchange the difference for points (for example, if your card transaction was EUR 5.60 (or the currency equivalent), it would be rounded-up to EUR 6.00 (or the currency equivalent), with the EUR 0.40 (or the currency equivalent) being exchanged for points. The rate of exchange for RevPoints SpareChange is shown in the app and is subject to change.

Enabling RevPoints SpareChange may give you access to additional Points Receiving Activities and Points Redeeming Activities. This means that if we offer RevPoints SpareChange and you have chosen not to enable it, the Points Receiving Activities and Points Redeeming Activities available to you may be limited.

4. When am I eligible, or ineligible, for RevPoints?

RevPoints is only available to holders of a payment account with Revolut. If you close your payment account, your RevPoints balance will be forfeited.

You must activate RevPoints to use it. If you do not activate RevPoints, you will not be eligible to earn points. You may be required to activate RevPoints to access certain features of the Revolut app.

Where a Points Receiving Activity requires you to make a purchase, your purchase must be a genuine purchase of goods or services to be eligible for points. For example:

  • Purchases which are cash or cash like transactions (for example, financial services, cash withdrawals, or payment transfers) are not purchases of goods or services and are not eligible.
  • Purchase of goods and services which are returned, or canceled are not genuine and are not eligible either.

Loss of access to RevPoints or loss of points

We may suspend your access to RevPoints or reverse any points which have been awarded to you if we believe you have:

  • breached these Terms or any other terms that apply to your Revolut account;
  • reversed or undone any action which earned you points; or
  • acted fraudulently or abusively.

We will make this assessment in our sole discretion, acting reasonably. We will notify you of our decision as soon as possible.

5. Are there any fees?

There are no fees for enrolling in the programme, for Points Receiving Activities, or for holding points.

There may be fees for some Points Redeeming Activities. Where these fees apply, they will be clearly shown to you in the app before you proceed, and on our Fees Page.

If we need to reverse any points which you have already spent, you will need to either purchase or exchange those points or return the benefit you received for those points.

For example, imagine you used 100 points to receive a discount of EUR 10 (or the currency equivalent) on a Stay, leaving you with a points balance of 0. If those 100 points were reversed, you would either need to complete a Points Receiving Activity for 100 points or return the benefit of the discount you received by paying an additional EUR 10 (or the currency equivalent) for the Stay. When you are taking the action which reverses the points (for example, canceling a Stay on which you had earned points), we will warn you in the app before you take the action. Where we take the action to reverse the points (for example, identifying that a transaction on which you earned points was abusive), you authorise us to debit your payment account to return the benefit or to complete a purchase or exchange of the points (whichever is cheapest) on your behalf.

6. Legal bits and pieces

Changing these Terms

If we make any changes to these Terms, we’ll give you at least 30 days’ notice if the change is disadvantageous to you. However, if the change is to your benefit, we can make those changes immediately.

Do you process personal data?

Revolut processes your personal data to provide RevPoints to you. Some of your personal data may also be shared with third parties (for example, if we allow you to transfer points in from or out to a third party loyalty program, like an Air Miles partner, we will share your name and membership number with them. The Air Miles partner will become controller of this data). For more information about how Revolut processes your personal data, please see our Customer Privacy Notice.

How can I complain?

If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received in relation to RevPoints, we’ll do our best to make things right where it’s within our control. If you have a complaint about RevPoints, please reach out to Support and let them know you want to make a complaint. We’ll look into your complaint and try to resolve things via email as soon as we can. However, as RevPoints is not a regulated service, your complaint cannot be treated as a regulated financial services complaint.

What law applies?

To the extent permitted by law, these Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in the Kingdom of Belgium.