Smart Delay

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1. Who can use the Smart Delay feature?

Smart Delay is currently only available to Premium and Metal customers.

LoungeKey Passes are provided by the Collinson Group (LoungeKey).

2. What is Smart Delay?

With Smart Delay, we’ll hook you up with some free lounge passes if your flight is delayed by one hour or more. You just need to input your flight details in the app, and we’ll keep track of your flight’s arrival time.

3. How many lounge passes can I get?

Premium customers get one lounge pass for themselves, plus one for a travel companion. Metal customers get one lounge pass for themselves, and up to three lounge passes for travel companions.

Lounge passes are non-transferable, and you will be asked to show proof of identification (e.g. your passport) along with a valid same-day flight ticket in the name of the person on the lounge pass. In order for your travel companions to receive their passes, you’ll need to input their details in the app, and ask them to show identification along with a valid same-day flight ticket in their name.

4. What happens if I cancel my Premium/Metal subscription?

Once you cancel your Premium or Metal Subscription, you will no longer be able to use Smart Delay. If you received a lounge pass from Smart Delay and then subsequently cancelled your Premium or Metal subscription, you will not be able to access and use this lounge pass.

5. How long does my Smart Delay lounge pass last?

Once Smart Delay issues you a lounge pass, it’s valid for 48 hours. Any unused lounge passes will expire after 48 hours.

That means that if your flight is delayed for an exceptionally long-time, you can go outside the airport and sightsee, and when you are ready to fly, visit the lounge on us.

6. Is Revolut responsible if something goes wrong with Smart Delay?

As this service is provided by a third party, Revolut can't guarantee entry and availability of every lounge listed in the app. Lounge descriptions and in-app images are supplied by our partner LoungeKey, and Revolut is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information that we obtain from them.

You have rights under the Consumer Guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law. Nothing in these terms excludes or limits these rights. To the full extent permitted by law the Smart Delay services supplied by us are at your risk and our liability is limited to liability under the Australian Consumer Law Consumer Guarantees.

In particular, we are not responsible or liable in respect of any services provided by the owner/operator of an airport lounge.

7. Some other legal bits and pieces.


When using the Smart Delay feature, you are subject to our partner LoungeKey's conditions of use as well as the conditions of use of each individual lounge, available on LoungeKey's website.


To the extent permitted by law, and subject to the Consumer Guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law which cannot be excluded, Revolut Australia is not liable for any disputes or claims that may occur between you and LoungeKey. Any queries relating to the service offered by LoungeKey should be addressed to LoungeKey directly via or


The laws of the State of Victoria, Australia apply to this agreement.

If you want to bring a claim against us in the courts, the courts of the State of Victoria will be able to deal with any matters relating to these terms and conditions.